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IndustryArena Forum > Tools / Tooling Technology > Work Fixtures / Hold-Down Solutions > fixturing and machining strategy for weird thin walled part
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    fixturing and machining strategy for weird thin walled part

    I have to make a part that has thin walls and a tight profile tolerance of .01in on everything, I have ideas how I can hold it but I'm scared that the material is going to spring out of place and miss that profile tolerance.

    A photo of what the part looks like is attached, My plan was to rough and finish the side without the pocket, flip it and hold it with an id expansion clamp on the large center bore and a screw that goes into the pocket that will get cut away.

    Any tips to avoid the material moving after being machined, or how to hold it?

    Edit: Forgot to mention this will be done on a 4 axis or 5 axis horizontal mill

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    Re: fixturing and machining strategy for weird thin walled part

    First question is why the part designer has made a part that is so difficult to machine. Is it really necessary, or do they just have no idea about design for manufacture?
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    Re: fixturing and machining strategy for weird thin walled part

    Hi Hemmi - I assume the dims are mm? If so I don't think you have a hope of a 0.1mm wall. It will get pushed out by the tool. One thing that I have seen on thin parts is to make the part without the pocket then cast it into epoxy so its supported. The part is waxed prior to casting, then its finish machined. Also a support part could be machined that backs up the thin parts... before you machine them. Also speak to the designer and find out why 0.1mm is the required thickness.... Peter

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    Re: fixturing and machining strategy for weird thin walled part

    its actually in in inches and the walls are less than 1mm they are .030 in, yes this part is designed terribly but it seems like a lot of the parts I work on in aerospace are not designed for manufacturing unfortunately (this is a quick mockup of the part not the actual part and this is slightly easier to make), customer would rather throw money at the poorly designed part than redesign it.

    Casting it into epoxy is not realistic for me as this will be a production part so it needs to come on and off the fixture fairly quickly.

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