Hi all I hope you can help me.

I have an Okuma OSP7000L CNC machine where I am based.
As i am sure many of you are aware, good old floppies are really out of date.

As I work in the IT department, I had discussed with the department with the idea of swapping the floppy drive out with an emulator. I have tried two variants with no success.

The first emulator was a cheapo Gotek unit which only has two segmented displays. Despite various settings this never managed to get far in reading files and would always throw an error (was long ago so I can't remember).

The second Emulator which I tried today was a Lotharek HxC SD card floppy emulator. This one, I had better success, in that I can get the okuma to read the file but upon attempting to 'copy' the file it was struck with an error which was:
"330 floppy disk read/write ERROR 4C000046"
According to the manual 06 or 46 results in an error reading the head with 06 being head 0 and 46 being head 1.

I have altered many dip switch settings as per the guide and altered the config file half a dozen times and either get drive issues or that read error. if I get drive issues then the floppy emulator doesn't even engage, but with error 46 I can see the Okuma is trying to read the SD card.
I do see the activity light flash and the screen attempts to start the copy then fails.

SD card is 2GB standard SD and formatted as fat32 as per HxC instructions.

I am now at a loss. Any help greatly appreciated.