I have finally installed my 2.2 kW water cooled spindle motor.

To keep the costs down, the spindle bundle that I purchased came with a customised PC cooling system by Aqua Computer which works very well.
The only thing with this, is that it does not have any means to monitor the coolant flow or temperature.
My controller is based around a ESS and CNCrooms BOB, so I have plenty of spare inputs for alarms etc.

My question is really where can I find a fairly low cost flow & temp sensor module that has an alarm output which I can connect to my ESS.
Most of the PC coolant flow modules look perfect with small OLED displays showing temp & flow, but most have the alarm output which is read by dedicated PC software (USB) or simply have a fan speed output that would normally plug into a PC motherboard to allow the PC bios to monitor the flow as a fan speed.

I simply need a dedicated module with a display designed for CNC spindles or PC cooling etc, with various alarm output options (Relays, PNP, NPN etc)

I could make one from scratch but time is an issue just for a one of unit.

So, can anyone here recommend such a module?