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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > FNC Control technique image missing
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    FNC Control technique image missing

    Hello to all forum participants, I'm new here. I have a problem with the machine Cincinnati Milacron Arrow 750, its control system is FNC 5, after a power surge the power supply of the main computer failed, after repairing the power supply, there is an indication on the power supply itself and an indication on the memory module, they periodically turn on and off indicators. There is no image on the screen. I connect a standard LCD VGA monitor via cable. On the CRT (RGB) lines there is an incomprehensible signal with an amplitude of 50 millivolts. I have a question, how can I use the indication to track the state of the system? I also tried connecting 2 different PC Motherboard C20000 boards. In this case, none of the boards produces an image. Maybe someone has encountered such a problem and can tell me what I can do?
    I'm trying to start the FNC computer on the table; at the moment it is not connected to the machine.
    According to snippets of information from the forum, the causes of this problem may be in the memory module or in the main board, it’s strange that the behavior is the same with three different boards, there is no picture, the initial boot window does not appear.
    The original documentation does not contain initialization information regarding the FNC system. If anyone can share a CMOS firmware dump I would be very grateful.

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    Re: FNC Control technique image missing

    I would contact [email protected]; he was tech support on this product in the USA and may be of help to you.

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    Re: FNC Control technique image missing

    Thank you for the advice.

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    Re: FNC Control technique image missing

    Unfortunately the domain fivegroup.com it is for sale. Therefore, it is unlikely that I will be able to write to Robert.

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