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    Following Error Adjustment On Acroloop Card

    Recently replaced my original cardcage with one that already had an SBC update. This new cage also had newer ver2.54 acroloop cards.

    Prior to this swap I had the following error adjusted to .05 at 100ipm on all axis and balanced in +/- directions, and with the axis parked would read .0000/+.0001. After swapping in the new control the following error was way out of wack and sitting still was way above zero.

    So I proceeded to adjust the Glentek drives as I did previously. Now with the following error reading .05 at 100ipm, with the axis sitting still it dithers around .0013 give or take. If I adjust it close to .0000 while parked, at 100ipm following error is around .0260/.0280. And in both cases I cant get the +/- following errors as close as I could before by adjusting the Bal pot on the Glentek drive.

    In this post it appears the top 2 pots (R1 & R9) on the acroloop cards also have something to do with the following error.

    Does anyone have any information on adjusting those pots?
    I cant even find this version of acroloop card (PC-ACRCON-02) digging through Parkers manuals, Im assuming since these predate them buying out Acroloop.

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    Re: Following Error Adjustment On Acroloop Card

    Do you have this document
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    Re: Following Error Adjustment On Acroloop Card

    Yup, that’s what I followed when I originally set the machine up.

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    Re: Following Error Adjustment On Acroloop Card

    Check your power supply that gives you plus and minus 15V. I chased following error issues for a long time and found out one of the components on the power supply had failed and I was getting +15V and -24V, which made it impossible to balance things. I was able to get the parts NOS off eBay for a couple bucks and repaired the power supply.

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    Re: Following Error Adjustment On Acroloop Card

    Update: Seems I've got it figured out. I ended up following the ACR1000 acroloop manual to set the pots in the cardcage, then made adjustments to the Glentek drive pots.
    Quick walkthrough if anyone ever needs to adjust theirs.

    With the machine powered off, disconnect plug J5 from the Glentek board (long connector along the front edge) If you unplug the Z axis connector, be sure to block up/ support the spindle head as this disables the brake.

    Power up machine, F7 Parms, F1 Setup, F1 Level, Validation Code: Proto3, Password: 3
    Esc to main screen F1 Home, F10 Home Here.
    Pull up the Following Error display, F6 Disp, F2 Error.
    Now enter a jog command of .100" for the axis you're adjusting. Because the motor is decoupled at the Glentek board nothing should move, and the following error should display .100"
    With a voltmeter check pin 2 on the J1 connector on the Glentek board. (left hand long connector with blue wires)
    This should be 4Vdc. If not, adjust the topmost trim pot on the acroloop axis card.
    Once adjusted, press E-Stop and Reset. Following error should be cleared and voltmeter should read 0Vdc.
    Do this for each axis, then proceed with the usual following error adjustment.

    I found it easier to balance the +/- direction of the .050 following error at 100ipm by leaving the voltmeter hooked up to the same J1, pin 2.
    Voltage ends up around 2Vdc and should be the same in both directions.
    Stop the 100ipm program once its close to .050 in +/-. If the following error isn't hovering around .0000/.0001, adjust the 2nd pot on the acroloop axis card.
    Run the program again, adjust the Glentek balance pot if needed again.
    Repeat as necessary

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