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    Following Error on Drive A - Hurco BMC-30

    We have a Hurco BMC-30 with 4th axis rotary drive. A few months ago we had a problem with that A drive which kept stopping with a Following Error on Drive A. A lot of phone calls later and some effort disconnecting the smaller of the two cables connecting the rotary head to the back of the machine and we eventually got it to work by re-soldering the wire that connects to the braid that runs around the armoured cable, which we assumed was the earth (there are at least a dozen of those little wires and only one that connects to the braid). The guy we used to help us with problems on our Hurco told us to use a meter to check the individual wires on the cable to find any errors, possibly broken wires. That turned out to be true, as there was a broken wire, and when we soldered it back the follwing error on drive A disappeared.

    Fast forward to today, and the error is back. Following Error on Drive A.
    Only this time, there doesn't seem to be any broken or disconnected wires inside the cable.

    We have thought about buying a new cable and just re-wiring it. A pain, as there a lot, but doable, but there don't seem to be any cables out there to replace it with.
    Does anyone know what the cable is that is inside the armoured cable on a 4th axis rotary drive?

    Or, has anyone out there had any problems like this and knows what it might be?

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    Re: Following Error on Drive A - Hurco BMC-30

    A quick update.
    After connecting the cable back on I do get some movement on the rotary head, sometimes it will run a few cycles, but then it cuts out again. I wondered if it was an earthing issue.

    And, the error is actually: Following Error On Axis A.
    Not that it is much of a difference.
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