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    For Sale: 4-Axis CNC Router Engraving Machine, TONSEN TS3040C

    Local pickup in the Washington, DC area. Complete 4 Axis CNC Machine(Excluding laptop), barely used. Asking $800 or best offer. The machine has ballscrews on the X and Y Axis, and a leadscrew for the Z Axis. I replaced the original Spindle with a better one(48VDC 12000 RPM). A variable voltage 12-48VDC 10A Power Supply for the Spindle is included. The machine works perfectly, I tested it with Mach3 and LinuxCNC. I never made any parts with it, just simple tests. There is a scratch on the machine bed from hitting it with a milling bit while testing, which measures 0.5" by 1/8"(See the pictures), but other than that it's perfect. The machine didn't originally come with limit switches so I made a make shift limit switches and used clips to hold them in place. You probably could make better mounts, I just didn't have time.

    From the Manufacturer:

    TONSEN TS3040C 4 Axis CNC Router Engraver Machine,PCB's,Routing & Drilling

    4 Axis CNC Router / Engraver Machine,PCB's,engraving Complete Set

    (heightening type : H80mm)

    Thank you very much for your selection of TS series engraving machine east, TS series engraving machine is east of electronic production of high quality, multi-function carving machines, is widely used in the handicraft, anaglyph, badges, medal, model, PCB drilling sculpture, biological experiment, etc

    The machine adopts high-grade aluminium processing, and adopts imported precision ball screw machining accuracy can be guaranteed.

    NOTE:This machine does NOT include the MACH software you might have to buy the software at your cost if for commercial use.

    This machine does included a CD from the manufacturer,which include a fully functional MACH software,it is only for testing the machine and NOT for commercial use.


    This Machine Can be used on stone processing, Cu and AL mold making, wood processing , craft making, light box, building mold, indoor decoration, light equipment mold processing, signs and mark making, acryl board processing, stamp, PCB and so on .

    Specification :

    Main spindle rotating speed: 5000-20000r/min
    XYZ travel distance:300*400*80mm
    Platform size: 360x500mm
    Resolution: 0.0125mm
    Reamer diameter: 0.2-5mm
    Working electric power: AC220V/110V(optional)
    Engraving instruction: G Code
    Operating Systems: WIN2000/XP
    Net Weight: 30kg
    gross weight:35kg
    Max engraving speed: 3000mm/min
    Max Moving Speed: 4000mm/min
    Machine consumption Power: <300W
    Main spindle consumption Power: 200W
    Driver type: stepper motor

    Available to drill PCB, carve electric circuit, and cut small-sized craft components. With high comprehensive performance and high efficiency can make circuit samples quickly to shorten development time.

    Suitable for the major related electronic in colleges and universities and electronic development companies, etc.

    200w Condole grinding spindle, high speed (max 20000r/m) and efficiency, DC motors optional.

    Gantry mode movement, to make sure long -time use and high precision.

    Three -axis linkage processing, using imported drive screw, to make more accurately, repeat processing more precise.

    Support such as MACH3, wen tai, TYPE CNC software systems.

    Including :

    1× Engraving machine
    1× 4th Rotation axis
    1 set× Accessories of 4th Rotation axis
    1× Control box
    1× Rotation spindle motor
    1× Connecting wire
    1× Parallel cable
    1× Power line
    4× Engraving knives
    2× Carbon brush
    5× Clamp tools
    1× EnglishUser's guide
    1× Software

    300W DC12-48V CNC Spindle Motor Mount Bracket 24V 36V For Engraving Carving


    Work voltage: 12-48vdc
    Rotation speed: 3000-12000r/min
    Power: 300w
    Insulation resistance:>2megohm
    Dielectric strength:400v
    Motor length : 175mm
    Axis collet length: 48mm
    Diameter of axis collect holder:16mm
    Repeat accuracy: 0.01-0.05mm
    Er11 collect: 3.175mm

    Package List:
    100% Brand New
    1 * 300W Spindle Motor
    1 * Mount bracket
    1 * ER11 collect: 3.175mm
    4 * Screws

    Mach3/LinuxCNC Settings:

    Ball screw pitch(x&y): 0.8 Rev/mm, 20.32 Rev/in
    Lead screw pitch(z): 1.0 Rev/mm, 25.40 Rev/in

    Max Speed(x&y): 1200 mm/m = 47.24 in/m = 0.7874 in/s
    Max Acceleration(x&y): 400 mm/m^2 ? = 0.2625 in/s^2
    Max Speed(z): 800 mm/m = 31.50 in/m = 0.525 in/s
    Max Acceleration(z): 300 mm/m^2 ? = 0.1967 in/s^2

    XYZ travel distance:300*400*80mm

    X Steps per mm: 320
    Y Steps per mm: 320
    Z Steps per mm: 400

    X Steps per inch: 8128
    Y Steps per inch: 8128
    Z Steps per inch: 10160
    A Steps per 360: 3600

    Motor Outputs:

    StepPin DirPin DirLowActive StepLowActive
    X 16 17 Y Y
    Y 4 5 Y Y
    Z 6 7 Y Y
    A 2 3 Y Y
    Spin 1 0 N Y


    X 11 ActiveHigh
    Y 12 ActiveHigh
    Z 13 ActiveHigh
    EStop 10 ActiveLow

    I am in Oakton, VA, near Oakton Shopping Center at Route 123(Chain Bridge RD) and Hunter Mills RD.

    Thank you

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    Re: For Sale: 4-Axis CNC Router Engraving Machine, TONSEN TS3040C

    I can ship it by UPS Ground anywhere in the US(lower 48 states), but shipping costs $100-$120 depending on location. Please let me know your ZIP code if this is the case.

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