For Sale - CNT Motion System CNC Router 5'x5'- Servomotors, USA Professionally Made, Low Hours

Servomotor driven with Wincnc Controls, 2-3/4 HP PorterCable Router head
less than 200 hrs of home use only, small projects. Never used in production or professional shop.

X and Y axis high speed Rack and pinion with linear guides 5' (60") stroke
Z axis ballscrew with linear slides 12" travel, 11" clearance above the mdf sacrificial board.
Servomotor driven XYZ axis with position feedback closed loop control, not stepper!
Overall size 7' x 7' x 8' tall, 5' x 5' travel working area
Estimate weight to be 1000 lbs, solid construction. It can be moved with a pallet jack quiet well
Control cabinet with PC - wincnc controls, keyboard mouse inside dust safe enclosure.

The large MDF board in the picture is a spoil board (sacrificial). It is not a structural part of the machine and looks ugly since its used and replaced as the jobs require.
No vacuum tabletop, just the spoil board which used as vac hold down, or screwed to it.

Great professionally built machine. No issues with it. I just don't really use it. Only cut plastic and wood
Built heavy duty for professional use but small enough to fit in small garage. Currently wired for 110V (single phase). Can be easily rewired to 220V

Located in San Diego, California

I can help with shipping, I have a good machinery mover if your local San Diego probably about $300 to move 50 miles or get to a transfer station...freight company... then whatever freight company/fees to your establishment


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