Photos are memories recorded forever and cameras are tools to capture special moments in everyone's life. Technology has brought many new advancements in the world of photography. While many professional photographers don't believe in using editing software to retouch or enhance their SLR photos, many of us often believe in affecting our photos. and modify them slightly to make these photos look different or have better quality. Photos can be resized, adjusted color balance or added some special effects. In addition to Photoshop, or the built-in Paint on Windows, Gimp on Linux, there is a lot of free software that helps you edit effects on your photos and can also share your photos. Here is a list of the best free photo editing software available today.
Pros: Powerful capabilities by solid design and glossy colors. Sharp change, easy adjustment. Surprisingly it is its durability. The chain is not deflected during jumps or somersaults. Easy to install and adjust, change well and quickly. It's reliable product, reasonable price. The actuator works well, with the Cranks Hollowtech II giving a great power boost. Set to 2:01 ratio. With this ratio, you can move with peace of mind, but when the cables are stretched you have to fine-tune your setup. It has to be fine-tuned so that the car doesn't need to be tuned much.

Cons: No bling factor, didn't give us a valid reason to change the line. Still shivering on rough trails. The bottom pane and cranjs have a rattling that seems to be common with Shimano Sp border settings. Moving in the mud is worse than Sram. The system weakens on long trails. The gearbox housing is very flimsy. The front derailleur is not like the corners of the tube. Sometimes there is a chain problem. With 9 speeds is overkill. Brakes quickly lose adjustment. The system needs to be cleaned regularly. The Shifter case is fragile. The front derailleur doesn't like the corners of the seat tubes.
Bicycle pros and cons
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