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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > G-Code Programing > From Siemens to NUM + Flexium cnc controls (Send parameters to subprograms)
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    Question From Siemens to NUM + Flexium cnc controls (Send parameters to subprograms)

    Hi People:
    I am noobie on this forum. All my life I worked with Sinumerik controls. I use the Siemens forums.
    Recently we have to retrofit one full machine from Siemens to NUM controls. because of US law not allow siemens CNC to some specific compes in specific countries... bla bla bla....
    I have a question. I see that there is lot of sections like siemens, or fanuc. but I dont find any of NUM. Maybe is very similar to other CNCs?? Maybe not many people use NUM, XD.
    By the way the machine is already translated to NUM. Just I am facing many problems in ISO CNC language I dont really Know. Siemens Vs NUM has many differences. Looks like a FANUC control.
    The PLC side call FlexiumTools is base on CODESYS so the enviroment is similar to TIA structed programming. This is no problem.
    I have a very specific question.
    In Siemens we are able to send parameters to programs Like this:
    Ex: DRILLIN (20,100,500,600) inside the DRILLIN cycle you can use this data as you want.
    In NUM I cannot find anithting like this. In case I want to do someting like this, the only solution I can find is something like this.
    G79 H412 (DRILLIN)
    Then inside the program use the EXXXX like external variables. But I dont really like this way.
    I see that in FANUC or ISO program looks like there is the G65 you can do something similar, but in NUM G65 has a special meaning.
    Hope somebody can help¡¡

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    Re: From Siemens to NUM + Flexium cnc controls (Send parameters to subprograms)

    Most of controllers do not have local variables, all variables declaration are global.

    If I am not wrong even G65 will set global variables, lets say G65 P1 A123 will set #1=123 before going in subpgm O0001 but #1 is not local, it will keeps it values everywhere in your program.

    So considering this your solution looks more than ok, you do the same, it is just the synthax that differs !

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    Re: From Siemens to NUM + Flexium cnc controls (Send parameters to subprograms)

    Agree with lucaswalker absolutely. If there is a solution, stick with it. All control makers apply their own unique solutions out of G-code standard. Te standard describes only basic simple functions.
    Important point - how good and deep you will document your solution.

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