This is a starter kit for a very accurate and very affordable DIY 3D Scanner that uses Flexscan3D USB 3.0 5MP Point Grey Cameras.. This scanner is similar to the HDI Advance R5x. I have built 4 of these, and you will need a few things to make complete. Including, 2 lenses, tripod + platform, cables, computer, and calibration board. This price includes pdfs of calibration boards to be printed, extensive how to articles, and a dongle loaded with Flexscan3D The cameras came from a defunct facial recognition company and appear to be unopened and never used. The included projector is in excellent condition with minimal hours. This is a relatively inexpensive and powerful scanner that offers accuracy unparalleled at this price. Check this link for more info about the scanner. Asking $2500. I have at least 2 available.