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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Smithy > ftl320 turret advancing multiple tools per "tool-change" button
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    ftl320 turret advancing multiple tools per "tool-change" button

    Hi guys, just got my lathe powered on for the first time.
    About to start putting tools in the changer, while cleaning out the cosmoline grease I hit the tool-change button on the interface. Instead of incrementing 1 tool, it rotated through 7 positions.
    Got me from T1 to T2, but it went T1 > T8 > T7 ... > T2. While its correct, it seems very slow and likely a problem that could cause a ton more wear and tear on the tool changer than needs to happen.

    I looked in the system menu, saw a few settings dealing with Turret, but nothing even closely intuitive or directly pertaining to my issue.
    Anyone else have this happen? If so, any recommendations on how to fix it?

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    Re: ftl320 turret advancing multiple tools per "tool-change" button

    Replying to myself in case someone else hits this in the future:
    I emailed Kade, apparently my tool changer was spinning backwards because input power phase was incorrect.
    After reversing 2 wires in the input power wires my tool changer is back to normal and advances only 1 step in the correct direction.

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