This is a fully assembled Build Your CNC blackTooth CNC Laser kit:

Only used it for a collective 50-60 hours over the span of its life. Built it in 2016-2017 and haven't really had the time/desire to use it since. I completed a few projects with it; it works great. It's been kept indoors its whole life (not in a garage/workshop).
Looking to get $3000 OBO; located in northern Chicago metropolitan area - local pickup only.

Upgrades and additional features/components include:
40w CO2 Laser tube that originally came with the kit
USB Controller - Runs Mach3 Software Only (software license included with sale)
Upgraded ventilation fan and ~20' exhaust hose (couldn't find record of the CFM but it's A LOT stronger than the original kit fan)
Customized mini fridge water cooler with water tank thermometer (works okay; better than nothing)
Combination air compressor and vacuum pump (Thomas 2660CE37-807 or 2660CGHI42-807) with customized self-cooling sound-dampening box
Custom made 20x24" aluminum vacuum table
Laser power digital output meter
Home position X/Y limit switches
Cable/hose carriers
Emergency shut-off button
Manual laser firing button (yellow)
On/off switches for each component
Two pairs of Eagle Pair CNC Laser safety glasses
White folding table
~900pcs of 20x24x0.08" pasted chip paperboard (if you want them; $600 value - I had purchased them to build/3D print Adobe 123D Make models)

Here's the photo album; some photos were taken right after I finished assembling it, while some were taken right before packing it up and moving it to my new apartment. Please ask about specific details and extra photos here on the forum.