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    Fusion 360 Post

    Hi all,

    First I just want to thank everyone who posts here - this has been an amazing help while I get my new to me Milltronics mill up and running.

    Now my question -
    for any Fusion 360 Users - are we just using the stock Fusion Milling post or is there a better post floating around?
    I have a Cent6 Controller on a 2002 vintage MB-11 Mill (no tool changer)

    Coming from a Small mill/Mach 3 background and that post has always been very reliable right from fusion.



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    Re: Fusion 360 Post

    I've been using a "stock" one from a few years ago. I haven't tried the latest one because I have modified the stock one to suit a few preferences of mine. I have a partner 1 and the stock one turns the coolant on at tool change height which can make quite a mess when running a larger facemill. I have it to where the coolant comes on at the clearance plane. There's a few other tweaks I have done also. The stock one should get you going though. There is a manual out there on the web from autodesk that tells how to do post modifications also.

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    Re: Fusion 360 Post


    Thanks for the reply!
    I will watch out for the coolant issue for sure. I will mostly be dry cutting or using mister so it shouldn't be too much of an issue but you never know.



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