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    Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks

    Hi Guys

    I"m hoping one of you may be able to help me ...I"m looking for a post file for Fusion 360 that will work with NC studio on my Chinese CNC router, any help is greatly appreciated thanks!

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    Re: Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks


    The NCStudio is compatible with standard G code, here is an example generated by cutleader which works with NCStudio well. Hope you could find a post which generates similar code.

    N1 %00001
    N2 G54
    N3 G00 G90 G17
    N4 T1
    N5 S12000 M3
    N6 G00 X122.9112 Y77.4415
    N7 G00 X122.9112 Y77.4415 Z5.0
    N8 G01 X122.9112 Y77.4415 Z-18.0 F300
    N9 G01 X125.4112 Y77.4415 Z-18.0 F800
    N10 G03 X127.9112 Y79.9415 I0.0 J2.5 Z-18.0
    N11 G03 X127.9112 Y79.9415 I-25.4541 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N12 G03 X125.4112 Y82.4415 I-2.5 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N13 G00 Z5.0
    N14 G00 Z50.0
    N15 G00 X231.9267 Y118.001
    N16 G00 X231.9267 Y118.001 Z5.0
    N17 G01 X231.9267 Y118.001 Z-18.0 F300
    N18 G01 X238.3022 Y118.8133 Z-18.0 F800
    N19 G01 X238.2971 Y118.8535 Z-18.0
    N20 G01 X249.5221 Y118.8526 Z-18.0
    N21 G02 X258.4486 Y115.0287 I-0.1522 J-12.6863 Z-18.0
    N22 G01 X297.5648 Y76.1671 Z-18.0
    N23 G02 X297.5642 Y64.6659 I-5.6241 J-5.7503 Z-18.0
    N24 G01 X251.5905 Y18.6908 Z-18.0
    N25 G02 X238.1017 Y11.5646 I-18.1507 J18.0274 Z-18.0
    N26 G02 X173.8066 Y22.2399 I-17.4656 J93.7642 Z-18.0
    N27 G01 X144.8521 Y38.4964 Z-18.0
    N28 G03 X135.4712 Y41.5378 I-12.3433 J-22.0835 Z-18.0
    N29 G01 X24.2193 Y54.4908 Z-18.0
    N30 G02 X20.9065 Y85.5767 I2.0503 J15.938 Z-18.0
    N31 G01 X147.9071 Y129.5199 Z-18.0
    N32 G02 X175.1382 Y122.3929 I8.2316 J-24.1348 Z-18.0
    N33 G01 X204.095 Y90.3889 Z-18.0
    N34 G03 X242.8689 Y105.3405 I16.5001 J14.9624 Z-18.0
    N35 G03 X238.3073 Y118.7732 I-22.2778 J-0.0745 Z-18.0
    N36 G01 X238.3022 Y118.8133 Z-18.0
    N37 G01 X234.4067 Y118.317 Z-18.0
    N38 G00 Z5.0
    N39 G00 Z50.0
    N40 G00 X116.075 Y159.4294
    N41 G00 X116.075 Y159.4294 Z5.0
    N42 G01 X116.075 Y159.4294 Z-18.0 F300
    N43 G01 X118.575 Y159.4294 Z-18.0 F800
    N44 G03 X121.075 Y161.9294 I0.0 J2.5 Z-18.0
    N45 G03 X121.075 Y161.9294 I-9.475 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N46 G03 X118.575 Y164.4294 I-2.5 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N47 G00 Z5.0
    N48 G00 Z50.0
    N49 G00 X39.875 Y159.4294
    N50 G00 X39.875 Y159.4294 Z5.0
    N51 G01 X39.875 Y159.4294 Z-18.0 F300
    N52 G01 X42.375 Y159.4294 Z-18.0 F800
    N53 G03 X44.875 Y161.9294 I0.0 J2.5 Z-18.0
    N54 G03 X44.875 Y161.9294 I-9.475 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N55 G03 X42.375 Y164.4294 I-2.5 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N56 G00 Z5.0
    N57 G00 Z50.0
    N58 G00 X39.875 Y616.6294
    N59 G00 X39.875 Y616.6294 Z5.0
    N60 G01 X39.875 Y616.6294 Z-18.0 F300
    N61 G01 X42.375 Y616.6294 Z-18.0 F800
    N62 G03 X44.875 Y619.1294 I0.0 J2.5 Z-18.0
    N63 G03 X44.875 Y619.1294 I-9.475 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N64 G03 X42.375 Y621.6294 I-2.5 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N65 G00 Z5.0
    N66 G00 Z50.0
    N67 G00 X116.075 Y616.6294
    N68 G00 X116.075 Y616.6294 Z5.0
    N69 G01 X116.075 Y616.6294 Z-18.0 F300
    N70 G01 X118.575 Y616.6294 Z-18.0 F800
    N71 G03 X121.075 Y619.1294 I0.0 J2.5 Z-18.0
    N72 G03 X121.075 Y619.1294 I-9.475 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N73 G03 X118.575 Y621.6294 I-2.5 J0.0 Z-18.0
    N74 G00 Z5.0
    N75 G00 Z50.0
    N76 G00 X143.477 Y136.4794
    N77 G00 X143.477 Y136.4794 Z5.0
    N78 G01 X143.477 Y136.4794 Z-18.0 F300
    N79 G01 X137.05 Y136.4794 Z-18.0 F800
    N80 G01 X9.95 Y136.4794 Z-18.0
    N81 G01 X9.95 Y644.5794 Z-18.0
    N82 G01 X137.05 Y644.5794 Z-18.0
    N83 G01 X137.05 Y136.4794 Z-18.0
    N84 G01 X137.05 Y132.5524 Z-18.0
    N85 G00 Z5.0
    N86 G00 Z50.0
    N87 %

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    Re: Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks

    Could you possibly send me the post file that created that code thank you.

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    Re: Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks

    The problem is that the post is different for different cam software. The post I have for CutLeader doesn't works for fusion 360.

    Do you have editable Fusion 360 postprocessor? It's better to have a post for mill machine, then it's possible to edit it and make it works for NCStudio control.

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    Re: Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks

    There you have it.

    Without warranty.
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Alphacam post and VBA macros, Autodesk HSM post.

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    Re: Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks

    thank you so much.....

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    Re: Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by asp60 View Post
    thank you so much.....
    Hi. Have you solved a problem with postprocessor? Maybe I can help you. Write me into P.M.

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