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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC "do-it-yourself" > Fusion 360 supporting DDCSV3.1 for a CNCest 6040
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    Fusion 360 supporting DDCSV3.1 for a CNCest 6040

    Hi Folks,

    Just wondering if Fusion 360 G-codes are supported by the DDCS dream controller, its a version 3.1 controller.

    I did try to use Easel G-code from the free version on my 6040 cnc with a DDCS stand lone controller
    but for some reason the extensions are different. Seems to be 2 types .nc and .ng if anyone would
    care to enlighten me.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Fusion 360 supporting DDCSV3.1 for a CNCest 6040

    Fusion is a CAD/CAM program, it does not depend on the machine. The last thing Fusion does is 'post', short for 'post process', its internally calculated toolpath into Gcode
    which is recognised by your machine. The program that does that is just called a 'post'. You will have to look in Fusions post library to see if your machine is supported,
    or if there is already a post which is close and can be modified to match your machine.


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