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Thread: g-code

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    hi all

    how will the gcode by to go home in ACRAMATIC A2100?


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    Re: g-code

    Quote Originally Posted by jarl85 View Post
    hi all

    how will the gcode by to go home in ACRAMATIC A2100?

    G00 or G28

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    Re: g-code

    You can set a HOME position with the Pendant and use the G28 with P variables. RAP will explain this.
    I prefer to move the Machine Axes to where I want the Home to be; then select "Current Display" screen.
    Record the desired "Machine Position" Coordinates.
    You can program a M26 ; This moves the Face of the Spindle to a full Z-Retract position in Machine Coordinates.
    Program a G0/G1 G98.1 Xx.xxxx Yy.yyyy Fxxx ;to position the X & Y in Machines Coordinates.
    This will NOT be lost at a power fail or unsequenced shutdown; like the HOME position.

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