I'm converting my G0704 to CNC and i happened to find a kit that was never used on Ebay so i bought it (it was half the price of a new kit). I've gotten the y axis installed (i do think i'm missing the front bearing holder and motor mounts, but that is not really relavent to this. On the X axis, i modified the saddle as necessary to have the ball screws sitting on top of the saddle. However even with the ball screw bearing having already been cut down, it sits 0.250" proud of the top of the saddle. The mounting bracket sits on the top of the y axis ways as it should, and as i said the actual screw is flush with the saddle. I've measured the mount and compared to the hoss phase 3 plans (the ball nut i have is a single ball nut, but looks exactly like the 2 nut version in the phase 3 plans and photos. I have a bridgeport so i can modify things and make new brackets. I'm reluctant to take material off the bottom of the table, its only about 0.500" thick and i feel that would seriously affect the rigidity of the table. Any suggestions. I'm willing to buy new ball screws if necessary.