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    G0704 x-axis Gib Problem

    Hi all,

    I've recently been converting my G0704 into a CNC machine, but have ran into trouble with the gib for the x-axis. For starters, the gib takes a bit of force to get into position than I've seen most tutorials need. Not a great deal, but it takes more than simply sliding it in. Then when I move the table along the positive x-axis (to the left) the table stops and refuses to move. I've lubricated the track with the recommended type of way oil, so I'm really not sure what the issue could be.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: G0704 x-axis Gib Problem

    This would get more attention in the benchtop mill area as teh G0704 is one of the most popular machines in that sub.

    That said, are you putting both gib bolts in place so that the gib strip cannot move? Is the sticky section in one spot of the travel, or at both ends? Where does it stick, everywhere?

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    Re: G0704 x-axis Gib Problem

    I am putting both gib bolts in place such that the gib doesn't move, yes. And upon some further testing their seems to be two spots of travel interruption, one for each direction. I'm considering the ruler on the front of the x-axis to be a number line, right being the positive direction. Table motion to the right seems to be interrupted when the position indicator is at 1/2". Leftward motion gets interrupted somewhere around -3/4". All other spots that I tested along the x-axis seem to be moving smoothly.

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    Re: G0704 x-axis Gib Problem

    Sometimes the ways will be slightly tight, you can lap it in with some valve grinding paste. Or just run it until it self clearances.

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