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    G43 Cutter comp and G03 arc problem!

    Hi All,

    We are about to get some new end mills for our milling machine and we need the end mill to come in from the side of the work piece and then begin it's pass along the side. I've been told that because of the high feed rate, I should program a small G03 arc between the two straight G01 moves so that it isn't as hard on the tooling or machine.

    I'm not very experienced in CNC or G code, however I've recently been able to write some programs and fix a few things G code wise. I've not used the G03 arcs before, however I didn't think they would cause me much trouble. I was wrong.

    I'm using a 32 diameter endmill and G43 Left cutter comp for the job. Whenever I try to execute the code I always get an alarm saying 'cutter comp interference' when the machine tries to execute the second G01, and also the arc doesn't seem to be being executed properly either.
    I've attached images of the path it needs to take (Blue box = work piece) (red circle = endmill) (black line = path)

    I really cant figure out why it's not working. I have the correct G43 diameter. and I have also tried adjusting the radius of the arc, I've tried using both R and IJK techniques. I can't figure it out. can anyone please help.


    G00 G90 G17 G118 X30. Y-98. M03 S500
    G43 Z280. H01
    G01 G41 X3.2 D01 F1000.
    G03 X-1.8 Y-103. R16 F500.
    G01 Y-150.

    I've tried adjusting the R value to smaller and larger values but nothing seems to work

    (I know its not the prettiest code just trying to get the arc working)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Datum Cut g03 radius.jpg  

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    Re: G43 Cutter comp and G03 arc problem!

    What machine & control ?
    Does #1 offset have BOTH the H & D fields ? (I'll assume no)
    G40 cancels cutter comp
    G41 is to step LEFT of the profile (climb milling)
    G42 is to step RIGHT of the profile (conventional milling)
    G43 take up tool lenght offset.

    Are you using tool centreline paths ? (profile is already adjusted by tool radius .... D1 is set to zero)
    Are you programming the actual profile ?
    ( any internal radii must be larger than the tool radius.... D1 value depends on the control.... most use the tool's actual radius)

    G0 G90 G17 G118 X25. Y0.
    M03 S500
    G43 Z280. H1
    G1 Z270. F1000.
    G41 D31 X20. Y0. F500. ( using #31 set Dvalue=16.000 )
    G3 X0. Y-20. R20.
    G1 Y-50.
    G40 X20. Y-70.
    G0 Z280.

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