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    Question G540 Touch Plate Help

    I would like to add a touch plate to my current set up but have used all of my inputs on my gecko g540 with my limit switches. Can I wire one of the inputs with two wires and configure my Mach 3 to recognize the two as separate components or is there a better way to configure it?

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    Yes, limits can be combined into one input. How depends on what type switches you have.

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    This is my current wiring diagram.Attachment 217762

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    The touch plate is the least of your wiring issues here.
    If wired as this schematic is drawn, do not plug it in.

    Took a closer look at this today I misinterpreted a couple
    of connections that weren't really there. Sorry about that.
    Actually it looks pretty good.

    Do check the connection on the + side of the SSR input.
    What are you switching with the mechanical relay?
    How are you turning the power to the VFD?

    I'm assuming that you are either switching the 0 - 10v
    signal going to the VFD, or the 10v supply coming from the VFD

    Spk64 has it right about the connections of the limit switches.
    the connection for the touch plate can also be used for a touch probe.


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    Re: G540 Touch Plate Help

    can someone help me to add inputs to the g540 paired with uc400eth & uccnc ver 1.2113
    i have used the g540's 4 inputs for home switches XYZ- A slaved to Y they work perfect i don't want to rewire the switches - not broke don't fix logic
    i want to add a touch plate and later a probe - i thought i could just add a cheapo Chinese BOB and use it's inputs but i can't get it to work
    appreciate any help you can give this neophite

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