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    Gantry Runs Into Piece Screwed On Spoil Board - Gantry won't move now.

    This is my dads machine, he knows hes a idiot and just wasn't thinking.

    He had the piece too wide so it was hanging over the side, screwed it down to the spoil board and when he jogged it to go for his pick up it hit the wood. When he took the board off and went to home it, it touched the home limit on one side but not the other, now we can't jog anything (X, Y or Z). I'm assuming the table is out of square and the gantry is out of alignment and he has to fix the table and probably take apart the gantry and put it back together so everything lines up again. Thats just a guess though, did anyone else make this mistake and know how to go about fixing it. I don't know how the sensors work, so even if something is out would that stop all the jogs to stop working?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Gantry Runs Into Piece Screwed On Spoil Board - Gantry won't move now.

    Check for fuses - you might have blown one. Or this machine might have an over-amperage shutdown mechanism than needs to be reset. But a crash on one axis shouldn't have stopped them all; it sounds like some kind of safety switch must have been triggered. Or it might be that your machine requires homing before doing anything else, and disrupting a home switch made it so it couldn't keep going. Look to see what was supposed to happen on the side where the homing failed - is it a little tab that is supposed to go into a slot? Or a lever arm that's supposed to be depressed?
    Andrew Werby

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