I just disassembled a 2004 GCC Laserpro Venus I down to the last screw. We decommissioned it and have no use for it so I decided to part it out on ebay. I have to say, this machine was built very well indeed. Every fastener is high-grade stainless, every hole is perfectly aligned, etc. The sheet metal is very nicely done. All the motors are top-shelf for the time it was built, all the bearings, lead screws and nuts are as well. Everything about it was top-shelf in terms of construction. One thing I couldn't see though was an easy way to remove the tube for recharging. I pretty much had to take the thing almost all apart to remove it. At any rate, I just thought I'd pass along this information in case anyone was wondering how they are in terms of construction quality.

One thing I wish GCC/Laserpro would have done is to provide an upgrade path for this machine's interface. The driver only runs on old versions of Windows and the interface is parallel port or serial port. It shouldn't have been that difficult to provide an upgraded driver board so it could run modern software over a modern interface such as their current models do. This is one reason I like the Epilog so much.