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    Smile GCode tweak for Wire bender

    I have designed a blade and wire bender using two stepper motors, one as the feeder (X-Axis) and the other (Y-Axis) as the bender. The bending action is accomplished when the Y axis rotates either right or left. The problem I am experiencing is when I try to bend a curve. By using the GCode radius or centerpoint code (X Y I J K) The following problem arise:
    The Y- axis continues in only one direction (Either G2 or G3) and the X -Axis also continues to feed (In relation to the curve) The result is a spiral.
    I need some help with GCode that will:
    Read the Gcode (XYIJK) and for every step the Y axis receives, it should repeat that step in the opposite direction.
    Can anyone help out here. Should anyone require the plans (free) of my machine please email me at: techdesk@unirobotics.co.za. It was designed in Solidworks 2019. This is my attempt to produce a CNC rule bender for dies etc.
    Kind Regards to all- G Barnes
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    Re: GCode tweak for Wire bender

    For a bending operation I think it is most common to have each move on a separate line. Example: Move X, stop, move Y, stop, move X, stop............... That way you have full control over the bend parameters.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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