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    Gecko drives- Jumping.... please HELP!!

    Good morning,
    I was running my machine and it stop in the middle of the project. The machine will not respond to any of my commands. I turned off the controller, the PC, restart everything, the machine will not move.
    I opened the controller box to check voltages, capacitors, etc. , everything checked ok. Put everything back together. Upon powering the system, the machine makes short movements (jumps), and it will not respond to my commands. I disconnected the parallel cable from the controller, and again, moves erratically as described. I turned off the pc, parallel cable disconnected, turn only the controller box with the motors connected to power and to the drives and again, same movement. The lights on the drivers are Power on and Position on. This erratic movement is happening to all 3 motors. Any ideas?
    Processor: Mach 3
    Gecko 320X Servo drives
    Servo motors

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    Re: Gecko drives- Jumping.... please HELP!!

    Maybe try bypassing the ERR/RST if you have it connected to all 3 drives like it is usually wired. Maybe one of the drives is putting out a faulty signal to the other drives.

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    Re: Gecko drives- Jumping.... please HELP!!

    It sounds like it may be a problem with an encoder.
    If the encoder has failed or not providing feedback to the drive, the servo starts to run away as the encoder is not providing feedback, so the servo trips.

    Check the encoder and the encoder wiring. It could be that the encoder cable has an internal break, due to continuous flexing in a cable track.


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