I posted a while back that I was randomly losing steps in the x direction during complicated tool paths when I speed up from 60 imp to 90 ipm. I hear how slow that is all the time, however I’ve only done 1911 grips and turkey pot calls so far, they are small and complete fairly quickly using 3D adaptive during roughing with a 1/4” end mill w/0.15 optimal load and .39 ADOC. The driver on that axis was a Longs Motor DM860a. I decided to swap it out with a Geckodrive 203v I bought used off eBay. After the swap, I have no movement on my X axis. I unplugged the cable from the motor and controller to check continuity through the cable, checked out fine on all pins. Then I checked cable to motor continuity between the - and + coils of each motor winding. I found an intermittent problem while wiggling the aviation plug I used to connect the motor pig tail to the motor cable. Solider joints looked good and there didn’t seemed to be a broken wire. Turns out the connector itself had a short in it(perhaps I overheated it while soldering?). I replaced that connection with a good one, plugged everything back in, still no motion. I checked the continuity between each motor winding from the terminal screws on the Geckodrive with everything plugged in. I have continuity. In fact I have holding torque, and when I jog my x axis back and forth in UCCNC the DRO shows movement. Im at a loss here, any ideas? I assume my problem with losing steps before might of actually been caused by the wiring issue and not the Longs Motor DM860A. TIA