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    General Information Needed on a Mazak VTC-41

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a machinist and have no experience with these type of machines.

    I have an opportunity to obtain a 1993 Mazak VTC-41 that will otherwise be going to scrap. The machine is functional and works.What I would like to know is the capabilities and the applications for this type of machine? Is it something I can program with a computer or must I use the control panel on the machine to manipulate it? I would like to learn about the machining processes and maybe make something out of it one day but in the mean time I would be having the machine taken into storage while I navigate a plan, I/e a space that can handle the power demands. At some point I will need to pay a technician to reassemble it once moved.

    Any use examples or information would be thankful to help me make a decision.

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    Re: General Information Needed on a Mazak VTC-41


    It has been a long time since I ran a Mazak.

    What I remember is Mazatrol was the native programming feature.

    I "believe" that with the addition of a circuit board you could download and run more traditional G-Code files programmed off line.

    The one I ran had roller bearings for the ways. It moved rather quickly. It was not designed to take heavy roughing cuts. With the fast spindle speed and table feeds you merely took a lot of "finishing" passes.

    The machine did repeat rather well.

    If the price is right, could be a lot of fun. You can always send it to the scrapper later.



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