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    GIBBS issues STILL !!!

    OK all you CAM and Computer specialists. Trying to reload some 2005 V7.7 NLO (or) 2006 V8.0.6 GibbsCAm software. Have the original Dongle and a NLO..... HERE'S THE PROBLEM....I can get the software to load in my laptop, but for some reason the Dongle AND-OR the NLO will NOT let me run the software??? ANY....AND I MEAN ANY HELP would be GREATLY appreciated. AS from what i'm told it'll cost just shy of $8000 to have this worked out from the supplier. ANY THOUGHTS????


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    Re: GIBBS issues STILL !!!

    Let me first state that I probably cant help you. That being said you need to give more information for someone to have a chance.

    what OS and was it the original OS that Gibbs was installed on?

    I had similar problems years ago but ended up getting newer gibbs to fix it because it was update on windows that killed it. was like 3-4k for me at the time.
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