Hi there

My name is Alex.

Just a few days ago I found this forum and some comments about the Gildemeister CTX 400 CNC machine with HEIDENHAIN EltroPilot operating system (this is not checked, I'm guessing). My friend just bought one. It's series 1, and it's from 1996. He bought it from Germany.

I'm sorry if I don't provide the relevant information but I will correct myself as soon as I get a bit more familiar with the topic.

Now, let me try to explain.

I have a basic understanding of how CNC machines work since I worked on one machine but in a short period of time. Mostly I used Art came to make stuff for engraving in wood and using a basic operational process with CNC. But that was a machine for Wood engraving and a relatively new one. From 2014, So a lot of things and diagnostic could be done with a computer.

This lathe Machine CTX 400, that he got we basically can't figure out how to start doing anything. We have all the documentation, in german, but it's of little help to us at this point.

This is basically the beginning of the learning curve to learn hove to use it and operate. So have in mind that we are totally noobs.

Now the machine was shipped from Germany in an already assembled state. So just a few connectors had to be placed, like connecting the monitor coble with the proper module in the back panel as also connecting controllers and safety pedals.

Currently When We start the machine control panel shows only this menu...



And you can see the DVI indicator Changing to RGB and back to DVI

But we are unable to move through the menu or do any other process. The Control panel just doesn't respond. From the documentation, I find out that it seems everything is properly connected but there are many things that bother me.

On VIC 30 module (this is a module tag) There are a Few lights indicators. Two of which blink with red lights. (Its L3 and L4)

I will send you a link to the video. Sory for sound. The other lathe machines working in the background.


From the documentation, it seems that this is not right but I can't figure to how to fix it.

One more thing on this module (VIC 30) is a connector just beneath these lamps, check the video.

Is this a panel through which you can connect my computer and make a diagnostic?

Im also wondering which cable is this since we didn't receive it from the sellers.

I found this cable but I have to change the other end since it needs to be able to connect it to my PC...


. I suppose I have to find some Xp pc and try to use it for connection and diagnostic....

The major problem is that I can't move through the menu on the control panel and check any other many except the one on the picture. The machine was perfectly running before transportation to Serbia. At least the seller said so.

If You can reach out and get in contact and speak a little bit about this topic it would be great.

Sorry for the interruption and thanks in advance.