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CSM Technologies Piccola L70R glass cutting CNC machine.
Machine is working, video of gantry moving: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ayai5oojos...50751.mp4?dl=0
Made in Italy in 2002.

I know there are some glass companies that still use them around the world.
According to what I have read so far, the accuracy of cutting glass is around +/-0.20mm (about 0.008").

- Dimensions of table are 112" x 162"
- HMI is EM19 Elco Elettronica
- Runs on 208V 3 phases (I have transformer from 575V/3ph/60Hz)
- There's a blower underneath to blow air when moving glass on table.
- Table can tilt to about 70 degrees to move glass easier from and to the machine (there's a hydraulic power unit that runs a cylinder)
- There are (yellow) pedals to activate but I don't really know what they do...
- One servo-motor runs the long axis
- One DC motor with encoder runs the short axis
- Pneumatic cylinder move the glass-"knife" in Z
- Code generation is from a software called Opty-Way from CSM Technologies
- I have the computer and software working installed on it.
- Program runs from a floppy disk but I saw there's a way to change the floppy to a SD (HxC Floppy Emulator)
- Sorry I don't have official manuals or electrical blueprint drawings

I can sell the whole machine locally for 5000$CAD
(buyer need to come and arrange shipping or willing to pay for it)
I am based about 1hr drive from Quebec city and 3h30 from Montreal.

However, I prefer to sell bundle of parts (not structural or mechanical)
because I am planning to convert the machine to engraving or laser cutting.
Whole parts bundle listed below will be 2500$CAD.

I can ship parts Worldwide, buyer will need to pay for it. However, some parts
are pretty huge and won't be able to be shipped by standard post (eg. HMI with stand)

So, if you need to repair your equipment, here's the parts available:
- servo-motor running the long axis
- DC motor with encoder running the short axis
- the drives and electronics linked to those motors
- Pneumatic cylinder move the glass-"knife" in Z
- everything link to the glass knife on the gantry
- whole HMI EM19
- all electronics components inside electrical cabinet
- computer with Windows XP and Opty-Way working software