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    Good design CNC router

    Hello all

    I want to eventually upgrade my home machinepark, that means cnc router, cnc lathe, and cnc mill. This thread is a search for a design to replace my current cnc router.

    What i have today is a machine made out of steel square tube, workspace about 3000mm x 1500mm i think its about 10ft by 4ft. The reason i want to upgrade it is because its not rigid enough, in short i cheaped out on the steel. If i remember correctly its made out of 50mm x 50mm x 3mm? (2"x2") looking to build using around 100x100x5-10mm(4"x4"), it also uses round supported linear rails wich aint that good.

    I have earlier come across builds that i like and looks to work great, however now that im looking to revisit them i cant seem to find them so it would be helpfull to me if you would want to drop links to builds that you like that are on the heftier side(doesnt need to be made of steel but it probably where im going).

    Been glancing at lowpriced commercial machines for clues but they weigh tons and thats to much.

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    Re: Good design CNC router

    I designed, and built a 4 axis Router table. Unfortunately, it (along with EVERYTHING else I owned) was lost in a fire. I have since rebuilt my shop, and replaced a few tools. Still need to replace a lot more, to be able to ever build another. I have been pricing the steel, and aluminum I used on the last construction and learned that material cost alone exceeds $11,000. It sounds from your description, that you are planning a similar machine. Sorry that I haven't been on here in awhile, but perhaps this will inspire others to chime in. Have a Blessed Day!

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    Re: Good design CNC router

    Did you keep all the drawings and components? The ones you lost in the fire?

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    Re: Good design CNC router

    Try using cast iron. I've swapped my old rickety machine for a new CNC router Wattsan. They make reinforced machine housings out of cast iron. I wobbled the machine, it stands firmly in place. You understand that the less wobbly the machine, the better the quality of the products.

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