I have recently bought a VMC 650 machine from China with a GSK 25i control system and a 4th axis for smaller production runs and prototype parts.
Previous experience is primarily with Linux CNC and Mach 3.
I have access to English GSK 25i documentation, while the system feels capable it is also extremely complex/archaic to work with even for simple commands.

To complicate things the machine was also damaged during transit. It is an ongoing issue, but I have mostly got it sorted and managed to measure the table the other day.
There is some water damage to the coolant system, but nothing that should stop a test run.
I use Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM but to my great surprise they do not have a dedicated GSK 25i post, so that is also an issue I am working on as well.

I honestly expected to be able to find more online sources with information regarding these systems.
Had I done my homework properly I would have avoided GSK and went for Siemens or another common controller despite the much higher price.

So my question is, is there anyone here with GSK 25i experience willing to share?

I cannot even get the basic file system to work according to the manual, so to say that I have issues is an understatement.
This might seem silly, but I cannot open sub folders or go up in the directory tree to review current files on the system.
The open button only gives an error when trying to open a folder or the parent folder.

Ill add pictures later with a more detailed description.