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    Lightbulb Gweike LC6090 versus AEON Mira 9060

    Hi Guys,
    I am in the market for a CO2 laser 60W-100W max.
    I excluded from the beginning the big 3 as they are american and makes no sense for me , ok, ok the price also
    Then one by one I start excluding the ebay sellers, as it looks to me that they just flip lasers, as soon as you start putting questions they are gone.
    So far so good I am looking only at few suppliers.
    Gweike, AEON and another 1 or two so far so good look like decent suppliers and they sent me some quotes.
    At the moment I am looking at :
    Gweike Gweike LC6090 versus AEON Mira 9060
    Both of them more or less do the same thing, same power, dimensions , etc. but the AEON is almost twice the price.
    I made an excel table and put side by side parameters, specs, and I can not see much of a difference.
    Ok the Mira is a bit more polished, but that really matter, I just need something what works.

    Why AEON is almost twice the price, what it does extra?
    I mention that I am new to this and I am in Botswana therefore my only choice will be China, Taiwan, etc.

    Anybody from the experienced users willing to help?

    Thank you in advance guys,o shoot and girls also I saw are several around, sorry :-)

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    Re: Gweike LC6090 versus AEON Mira 9060

    I am in Canada and I have experience of working with Gweike.
    I bought my machine based on lower price they offered me but now after one year after payment I am in a real mess. My machine did not work even one hour. The laser power source had problem from beginning and they could not fix it and they do not want to pay me back. Now I paid for a laser and I have nothing.
    they are so irresponsible for their customers.
    If you want to avoid trouble avoid GWEIKE.

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    Re: Gweike LC6090 versus AEON Mira 9060

    Seriously...oooopps , from all knock off Chinese machines I saw they have the best reputation. From what I see on Amazon a unbranded power supply for a reci W2 is $150 and original from Reci is 350 USD why you just did not buy one , instead of waiting for their lousy customer service to send you one? I do get it that you want a replacement and is no point to spend extra money, but this is the case with all the Chinese lasers, they will never honor the warranty.

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