Hi Guys
GX480 Hardinge Bridgeport mill with Fanuc Oi-MC Control.

So this morning, machine running OK then during tool change, the tool changer turret stopped rotating mid cycle. This has happened on a number of occasions before so shut the machine down , restarted then jogged the turret round and checked the tool table was in the correct position....iit wasn't so rotated to number 1 station and input M149 in MDI to reset the Tool table...all ok so far.........Machine then carried on running for another 2 hrs then did it again but this time I get 2 alarms, 1069 : magazine no in position and 1064 : magazine counter ce1 ne ce2.

This time I can't do a great deal with it. If I try and jog the turret round it just keeps on rotating.....not just 1 station at a time for 1 press of the button. I have to hit the edit button to stop it and it stops immeadiately...i.e not in the correct position. The 1064 alarm, I think will sort itself out when I get the tool table set if I can get the turret to jog correctly.
Any ideas greatly received....and if not, anyone know a service engineer in Yorkshire, UK that deals with these machines ??
Many thanks in advance