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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Haas Machines > Haas 5C rotary with control box---Air-Hot Alarm
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    Haas 5C rotary with control box---Air-Hot Alarm

    Hi there!

    Haas 5C with control box. Single cable, brush type, 17 pin. Worked good. Used it last year, no problem. It was sitting for a while, got a battery alarm. Opened controller, measured old blue battery, only had 0.3V.
    Replaced battery with new one (could not find the same blue, used a yellow one made in japan, the same as other Haas machines have). Now it is 3.10V.
    Since battery replacement, cannot make it work anymore. Push "START" button and the "AIR HOT" message is displayed. Cannot send rotary to home position, looks like there is no communication between rotary and the controller.

    Cable is good, measured all 17 pins from end to end, checked connectors inside the box.

    Are parameters get reset after battery replacement?

    Any suggestion how to check the rotary? Encoder?

    Can the rotary go bad just sitting? What is wearing out inside while doing nothing?

    Searched net, found no cure so far.

    Would appreciate any input, experience with rotary control box and connection problems.

    Let me know what you have!

    Thank you!

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    Re: Haas 5C rotary with control box---Air-Hot Alarm

    ...try resetting the controller "Initialize Servo Control to Factory Default Parameters"
    Chapter 2.3 (page 8)

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