Over the past couple of days, my 2012 Haas VF-2 has been making beeping sounds as if its buttons are being pressed, even though there is nobody operating the machine. The beeping is inconsistent - sometimes it will beep like crazy for a few seconds, then it may go silent for several minutes, or beep once a minute, etc. I've been trying to look for patterns and potential causes, and today I noticed that it didn't seem to beep for the first hour or two of the day, before it went back to making random beeps for the rest of the shift. I shut down the machine before I leave every day, so turning it off/on doesn't make solve the problem. I went ahead and pressed all the buttons several times, in case one of them was being pushed in and making contact with the control. This didn't help.

The good news was that this didn't lead to any actual issues with operating the machine itself. Or so I thought. Today my Renishaw spindle probe stopped working, alarming out with a "1093 Probe Fail" every time I try to touch off a surface. Changing the batteries, recalibrating the probe, and making sure nothing was obstructing the signal didn't help. So I can't help but think that the two issues may be related. If I can fix the beeping first, I can eliminate that as a potential cause for the probe issue, before troubleshooting that further.