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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Haas Machines > Haas DS30Y Lathe has been nothing but problems since day 1
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    Haas DS30Y Lathe has been nothing but problems since day 1

    Hi normally I try to resolve issues with the manufacture or service reps but this is becoming an absolute joke and want to make potential buyers aware of potential risks in buying a Haas Lathe. There has been several more service calls than listed below, I have chosen to post the bigger problems.

    Timeline of problems
    Machine bought new in July of 2020 from Haas through MMT Productivity (Local Haas Outlet)

    service call 1: when G112 (C Axis interpolation) the B axis (sub spindle) will randomly rapid forward hitting the turret with enough force to knock the turret out of alignment. several service calls are needed throughout the next year to re-align the turret. (software update to fix the problem took over a year to receive.

    Service Call 2: Main spindle contactor went bad (tech said it is a known problem, but Haas doesn't have a fix.) part replaced with same contactors (tech said they will go out again)

    Service Call 3: Software update to try and fix problem 1. Tech did not configure new software correctly 1st tool change broke the tool changer indexing shaft. Down of over a month while the turret was rebuilt

    Service Call 4: Spindle sync between main and sub spindle error. This has been a problem since day one. In machining 100 parts with a set reference angle for a hex part sub pickoff the reference angle will move about 12 degrees. Rpm between the two spindles slightly differs. When long parts are machined using both spindles It will overload the sub spindle in about 3 minutes of Machine time. This problem still exist till this day

    Service Call 5: Main spindle contactor problems again, haas updated software. Spindles still will not sync

    Service Call 6: Main/sub spindle will not sync for part pickoff after 60mins of machine time the machine will stall out and wait for a spindle sync that won't happen. Spindles sit turning for hours with no success syncing. Haas updates software again. still continues to be a problem

    Service Call 7: Main input output communication board failure. I am currently waiting for this to be fixed

    After owning the new machine purchased from Haas a little over 16 months It has at least 3 months of down time due to machine not working properly, It's had at least 6 software revisions and what would cost thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs It still continues to have a service call approximately every month with problems.

    This is a very frustrating experience for a small machine shop with 2 Haas 5 axis mills, and on DS30Y Lathe. I am very unimpressed at how Haas is handling the situation.

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    Re: Haas DS30Y Lathe has been nothing but problems since day 1

    Damn! I'm glad I didn't buy a Haas when I was looking at lathes. They were near the top of my list. Our TM-2p mill has been running flawlessly for about 3 years.

    At least yours is still under warranty, but the loss of production time is unacceptable. As a programmer and from experience I know the only way to resolve software issues such as you are having is to have the software engineer sitting down in front of the machine, in a production environment, and making the program corrections as needed. I would be having a chat with Haas engineering rather than the local rep. And failing that, my lawyer.

    Please post updates as they happen.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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