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    Haas HL-2 Tool Holders

    Hello everybody,

    I am thinking of purchasing a Haas lathe HL-2 model 1998. I have no experience in CNC lathes (only manual lathes) but I do have experience in VMC (we have 2 Haas, a VF-0 and a VF-1) so I prefer a Haas lathe. I turn occasionally so I do not want to spend a lot of money on a CNC lathe.

    I checked the lathe but the tool holders seem to be a little problem since they are unique and to hard to find them nowadays on the market. I am informed that you can make them yourself so I would like to know if anybody has made hiw own tool holders.

    If possible I also like to hear your opinion about the lathe and whether it would be a good choice. I mostly trun aluminum parts. From what I can see on the internet it seems to be a simple and reliable machine.

    Thank you in advance for your help.



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    We have one at the school, and indeed ended up making some new holders for it. The design is such that overtightening can damage them.
    I don't have the dimensions electronically so I'll have to search around. You may also need to make the special spanner wrench but that's much easier.

    If I could get one of the machines for a decent price and decent condition, I'd say pick it up if you have the need for it. They're a bit older and not as fast or powerful as the newer machines but saving money with an older one can be nice too.
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    Yes, you can make your own tool holders. Question will be, "Is it cost effective?" I would make them from alloy steel (4140 probably) and have them case hardened for longevity.

    Heck, I have made my own inserted tools before. Once I made a 2.500 diameter 28.000 long boring bar for a CNMG 432 insert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txcncman View Post
    ..."Is it cost effective?".....
    Do you know of a source for the older Haas HL tool holders?
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    @Geof - If you were asking if I know of a source, no, I do not know of a source for older tool holders.

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    Like the other thread....just make your own. Nothing really tricky about making those holders.

    You may find them on ebay or other auctions that have haas lathes though for cheap.

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