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    Haas HRT210 P3 help parameters

    First ever post.

    I have a 2011 VF2SS with software 18.05A.
    Just bought a used HRT210 P3.
    Under setting 30 I do not have HRT210 P3 option to choose.
    Called my local HFO and they sent me the parameter list for a HRT210HS P3 and after changing the parameters I get alarm 106. I called them and they said they don't have a list for the HRT210 P3 and I asked them if the can cross reference them to a machine at their location but they don't have one. So what I would like is if someone could send me the parameters for the HRT210 P3 or look at what my HFO sent me and see what parameter is different on their machine under the HRT210 P3.

    I opened the side of the 4th axis and the pulley turns freely so the alarm is not caused by it being bond up.
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