I am trying to diagnose a Netshare connection problem with our HAAS machining centers. Each one has the NextGen controller. We are using a wired connection. We created a folder in our network to connect to. Everything works fine with the connection. When I initially connect to the network, we can see the files inside the folder on the network. I can also copy files from the machine to the folder. Our problem starts when I post or copy new programs to the folder. To get the controller to see the new files I have topress the Settings key, scroll to the Wired Connection tab, press the F4 key and wait for the connection. Then I scroll to the Netshare Connection tab, press F4 and wait for the connection. Then I can press the List Program key, scroll to the Netshare tab, then all the new programs are there. HAAS says it is a network problem. I have contacted our IT department. They say the firewall will only block it if the connection is coming in from the outside. They also opened up the permissions on the folder in the network. I think I am just missing something simple, but I am not seeing it. Thank you in advance for any advice.