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    Haas servo controller Air-Hot alarm

    Getting an Air-Hot alarm when connecting my HRT-210 (brush) to the servo controller (red brush style controller) Unit is cold has not run in days. Has 85 psi CDA going to the unit. HRT-210 will run fine when connected to a different servo controller. Is there a parameter inside the servo controller I am missing? Any ideas?


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    The "Air Hot" alarm references a bad or missing connection to the control box, so I would start by checking out the cable connector for the control box carefully.

    Since you have a second controller that the rotary works fine on, do you by chance have another rotary you can test out on the control box with?

    Good luck.

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    Air-Hot alarm

    Is this the right forum? It is a stand-alone rotary control.

    These older controls had an option for both a temperature sensor and an air pressure sensor. But there is one wire for both. There is a parameter that selects if this is normally closed or normally open. That is parameter 24. It is composed of a sum of values; each for a different feature. If it is larger than 255, the sensor must be normally closed. If a different control works fine, it might be easier to copy the value of parameter 24 from that. The manual has more details.

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    Hi all. I don't know if you've fixed your alarm yet, but I was having the same alarm after replacing the old Electo-Craft servo in my HRT7 rotary with the newer Magmotor servo. The alarm was caused from the temp sensor in the servo not being connected. The Magmotor servo does not have a temp sensor. So I just shorted the two black wires that used to go to the temp sensor and away went the alarm. You cannot change parameter 24 that sets if the temp sensor is open, or closed without calling Haas to get the password to enable protected parameter write.

    Also, if you need to replace the servo in your rotary, keep the encoder from the old servo if it still works. I moved the encoder from the old servo to the new one, and it worked perfectly, no need to change any parameters.

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    It does appear that the issues are related to the encoder. We had replaced the encoder and motor with a supposed direct replacement unit from Potomac Electric and had lots of issues getting it to work correctly. We ended up having to completely reconfigure a HAAS control box to drive the unit. Unfortunately the 4th drive on my mill won't run the indexer only the control box. Oh well it's running are we're making parts with it.

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    Re: Haas servo controller Air-Hot alarm

    Wisp, which color cable in the other side? you shorted de black cable, I want to know the other side of connector.

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    Re: Haas servo controller Air-Hot alarm

    Hello everyone, I have the same problem, someone disconnected my box and broke several cables, I don't know if I am connecting them correctly, someone will have the connection pin out or, failing that, the diagram manual.

    it is a haas servo controller s5c

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