Hi everyone. This is my first post on CNCzone although I've lurked here off and on for years. My employer is looking to purchase a larger cnc lathe and has found a 2019 ST35 with the 2-speed gearbox. I am looking for intel, both good and bad, from anyone that is using or has used one of these. Our current cnc lathe is a 1989 Wasino LJ63M with a 10" chuck and 25hp motor. I know on it, I can't take much of a cut once the workpiece diameter is 10" or more. We are a job shop so I never take extremely heavy cuts in order to baby our old machine. .100 on a side is the most I do and often only .075. Haas claims a 15" turning diameter with a 21" swing for this machine and I would like real-world knowledge how capable it is on that size part. For example, will I be able to grab a 15" od 4140HT slug and take .100" cuts with no issues? The ST35 is supposed to be 40hp but I assume Haas lathes are much like our Haas mills with the horsepower a bit over-stated. Thanks is advance for any info.