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    Haas Super Mini Mill - Controlling the Coolant Blast

    My Haas Super Mini Mill has the Programmable Coolant option. The problem is that in many cases the coolant ricochets of the part and carries chips up into the umbrella tool changer. Some of these chips stick to the tapers of the toolholders and prevent a proper fit into the spindle. I end up with erratic cut depths and tools that don't run on center. I end up having to constantly stop the machine to clean the toolholders and the spindle - what a waste of time! Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to decrease the coolant pressure?

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    Re: Haas Super Mini Mill - Controlling the Coolant Blast

    We have a main valve on ours, just cut it back a bit. We also installed valves on each nozzle to adjust flow. You could also install a bypass valve to shunt some of the coolant back to the tank.
    Jim Dawson
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