I am the recent new owner of a 2008 Haas VF2SS. It has a 24-position side mount tool changer. I use fusion 360 for CAM. On my other machines, I like to have fixed tooling, i.e. tool #7 is always the same tool, lets say for the point of argument, it's a 1/2" carbide flat end mill. So my Haas at any point in time may have tools 4,7,11,12,15,17,34,36,41,52,53 and 92 in the carousel. I have successfully made this work, by defining the pockets and tool numbers in the offset table, but the machine seems to want to fight me, and every now and then the wrong tool comes up when called. I am wondering if anyone else does this, and what might be best practice for loading the carousel and setting everything up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!