Hello I have a HAAS UMC 750ss and I've had it for a few years now. I have made parts with side holes using DWO in the past on this machine but since I had HAAS come out for unrelated service, they updated my machines software and now I cannot get any side holes to work. I didn't noticed because it had been a few months since I've done side holes. They are in the incorrect position both x y and y using DWO. I recalibrated the MRZP and checked them to the original numbers and everything seemed fine but the end result is no side holes. Anyone had any troubles with DWO and a UMC? I've talked to my cam software and they say everything is good on their end. I've hand written a DWO program based off the HAAS website example and it has the same problems. Any help or thoughts as to what could be the problem would be helpful.