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    haas vector drive 20/15 hp

    hi all, we have 2 haas vf0e mills and one keeps alarming out with " spindle drive fault ". we have narrowed it down to the vector drive unit, which haas uk says needs replacing. this unit was replaced 2 1/2 years ago and were not happy having to replace it again at the cost of £ 2500 + labour.what we need is to replace the pcb inside the vector drive. we know this is at fault as we have heated the pcb with a hair dryer and it works fine. leave it to cool down and the alarm comes back again. re-heat the board and all's well again and so on. does antone know where we can buy this pcb, please help this machine need's to run. cheers paul...

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    Check out this thread: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showth...t=22019&page=2
    and this website: http://www.precisionzone.com/

    From the thread: "We have almost all models of VFD for HAAS machine.
    Please give me a call 847-465-9060 and we would be able to solve your problem."

    Hope that helps.

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    Is this a Haas vector drive or a Magnetek? What year are the machines? It sounds exactly like the failure I had in my 2004 VF2.

    Mine was also narrowed down to a failure on the control board. If it's a Haas drive, forget finding a replacement board. They won't sell you just the board. It has Haas etched right on to the board so it's not like you can just find out who makes them.

    If it's a Magnetek, you should be able to get them repaired.

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    Many thanks for your replys guy's. I will be trying to sort out very soon. paul.

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    Re: haas vector drive 20/15 hp

    Hi does anyone have any pictures of the haas vector 15/20 top board i am after a component v27 and mine is burnt

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