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    HAAS VF-2I Axis lubrication

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a Haas VF-2I machine. It had a error code 2082. Our Haas service agent has changed the Axis lubrication cycle time to 8 hours. (I don't knw exact default value, but 8 hours is too much) As I know, Error 2082 occurs before starting axis lubrication if there is clot of grease in lubrication lines.
    So, there is no any solution of increasing lubrication cycle time. Its negatively affect for machine function drastically. Also service agent has performed some cleaning and they have used pressurized compress air line to remove the clot in the line. What they done is unplugged the lubrication inlet lines and used a compressed air line. But according to Haas website have to use special liquid and a pressure gun for this. I don't know either it will removed the clot or get more stuck. When I manually activated the lubrication solenoid It shows only 2.5bar as lubrication pressure now.

    Hope you can understand above description and please tell me your ideas about this service done by Haas agent and tell me what is the default lubrication cycle time and lubrication pressure for Haas VF-2I.

    Thank in advance.

    Lubrication cycle time setting

    Maximum lubrication pressure

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    Re: HAAS VF-2I Axis lubrication


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