I am having an issue with my Haas VF-4 mill and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. 2 or 3 times a year the machine will lose it's mind. The last time this happened I was in the middle of a batch of parts I was running when the machine changed G54 to -7" in Z. This resulted in 1 broken end mill, 1 gouged set of vise jaws and a nice battle scar on the arbor. Thankfully yesterday it just decided to shift G54 up 12" in Z and 36" right in X. I've called Haas who says they have never heard of this problem before. When this happens it seems the only way to correct it is to to delete all of the work offsets including tool offsets, recalibrate the WIPS probes then re-probe all of the tooling. I spoke to Haas' tech support again yesterday who recommended a software update. Thankfully I am getting a 4th axis rotary table installed next week and the tech installing it will have to upgrade the program. Has anyone else had, or heard of this issue? Thanks!