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    Question Hartrol-Fanuc AI300 Tool pick&release timing settings

    Hey everyone,

    We have a Hartford PRO-2150 with a Fanuc AI300 controller and when the spindle goes for a tool change, it releases the tool a little bit late(moves upwards without releasing it) and damages the holder and magazine. The problem may be mechanical, but for now It releases the tool eventually. So I'm asking that if there is a timing setting for that so I can increase the release period.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Hartrol-Fanuc AI300 Tool pick&release timing settings

    If memory serves that's possibly a Fanuc 18i?

    Any ways. Im not familiar with the tool change mechanism on that machine. But, many times there is a timer in the ladder to delay tool unclamped confirmation.
    Do you have a list of the PMC parameters from the OEM with descriptions/functions you could look at?

    There are also occasions where the OEM uses a Macro sub program to drive the tool change sequence. If that is the case it may be possible to insert a delay there.

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    Re: Hartrol-Fanuc AI300 Tool pick&release timing settings

    Thank you for your reply,

    Fanuc AI300 is written on top of the monitor, that's all I know

    Unfortunately I don't have the list, If you have any source that you can share, it would be great,

    How can we check if that's the case? And how can we insert a delay, I'm going to need a detailed explanation for that.


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    Re: Hartrol-Fanuc AI300 Tool pick&release timing settings

    I wish I could make this easier for you.
    If you have a service guy local that may be the most efficient way to go.

    If not;
    When an M06 is commanded does the active program number (Oxxxx at the top of the screen) change to a 9000 series?
    If so them the M06 calls a sub and a change there may be able to correct this.

    You would need to look at the electrical schematics for the machine. Determine the address for the tool unclamp confirm switch.
    Once you have that look at the ladder (PMC) to determine if the switch is used directly or if there is a timer (sub 3 or sub 24) in line with it.
    You will also need to determine if the line you are looking at is pertinent to the portion of the cycle where the arm moves or if it may be part of an alarm etc.
    If it is a Sub 3 the number in the box next to the sub 3 is the variable timer used to delay the unclamp confirmation. Go to the PMC parameters them timers and increase the value by a few seconds (units are ms.). It there is a sub 24 (then the timer is fixed) or no timer a PMC change could be considered.

    Either of these methods would only be a work around until either a mechanical fix, switch adjustment, or both could be made. And may further damage whatever is out of adjustment.

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