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    Have Space in Container for CNC Machine and/or Laser - Must be in Houston, TX Area

    I have used CNC machines for 15 years now and I've imported 5 CNC machines (and two laser cutters) from the folks at Home | Jinan Unique CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd UniqueCNC. I am ordering two new CNC machines and a laser cutter for a new facility and have about 1/3 of the space in the container (40DC) for another CNC machine or a few laser cutters. I've "sold" the additional space in the container to other people in the past (references if you want them) when I import and you are only responsible for paying your associated costs. This is MUCH, MUCH cheaper and safer than a partial (LCL) order. A typical three-spindle, hybrid servo, Mach3 based, 4x8 machine is around $8,000 USD. Of course the Chinese will build anything you want with your choices of size, hardware, colors, spindles, VFDs, voltage/phase, etc, etc.

    Here are the requirements:
    • You will need to be in the Houston area
    • On-water time is 32 to 35 days from China to the Port of Houston
    • I expect our order to complete around mid-July, with a mid-August arrival date in Houston. So you MUST act quickly to make this sailing date.
    • You must order from Unique CNC so there is not a multi-factory pickup charge.
    • You must pay Unique CNC directly - we don't care what you order (options, features, color, etc) as long as it fits into the available space in the container. If you want a CNC and laser, they can usually be stacked.
    • We are not responsible for any damage between the factory, in-transit or unloading. In all the years I've imported, this has never been an issue.
    • You will be responsible for the flatbed transportation fee from our warehouse where the container drops in Spring, TX (north Houston). This is usually around $350 to $500 depending on distance. I can recommend someone if you like. They will deliver your CNC machine directly to your shop/garage on a tilt bed and can often nudge it right into place.
    • Full payment for the prorated cost of your items based on floor space used in the container, is due at pickup. This includes clearance, port fees, on-water feeds, drayage to and from the ports and the misc other fees. Typically this is around $2,000 or less. I can provide you with a prior invoice. Payment is via cashiers check or cash only.
    • Full payment for the tariffs assessed at the time of the landing at the port of Houston and paid at pickup. I have no control over trump and tariffs could range from 3% (normal) to 28%+ (trump).
    • You do not need a US customs bond. I import 1MM+ in products from China each year over the last 7 years and have extensive experience on importing from China - I am not a rookie.

    Here are some posts from my old, older machine: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/chine...14204-cnc.html - they have made a number of improvements since then.

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    Re: Have Space in Container for CNC Machine and/or Laser - Must be in Houston, TX Are

    I am finishing up this order...if you are considering this opportunity, let me know.

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